I Classici collection by Studio Le Nid is deeply rooted in the culture, folklore, customs, colors and images of Sicily, as it is the culture and the history of several populations that has marked the history of this land.

Through the use of handmade terracotta I Classici collection provides a wide variety of tiles in styles and dimensions for outdoor paving and interior laying giving a warm Mediterranean feel. Squares, hexagons, triangles, stars, crosses and flowers combine together to give rise to different and unexpected compositions.

“Handmade” is the key word in the manufacturing process characterizing the artistic production signed Studio Le Nid. In fact, despite the use of innovative technological devices that allows a production increasingly green aiming at respecting the environment, the choice of the materials, the designs and the spreading of the colors are all processes carried out following scrupulously traditional techniques.
Each product becomes an unequalled piece considering its peculiar properties and the small imperfections that are characteristic of the artisan workmanship.

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