The Etnean basalt is a basic, effusive volcanic rock. It is extracted with a method known as “open pit mining”

It consists in removing the stone from the earth in the form of a large irregular block of various dimensions.
After the extraction phase the blocks undergo the first roughing out operations and then they are processed on block cutters to be cut into slabs. Finally they become coating elements that can be honed, polished or tiled with majolica. In the processing method, Studio Le Nid uses innovative technological devices aiming at respecting the environment. The choice of the materials, the designs and the spreading of the colors are all processes carried out following scrupulously traditional techniques.

Each product becomes an unequalled item considering its peculiar properties and the small imperfections that are characteristic of the artisan workmanship.
Extremely versatile and highly resistant the products realized using lava stone are available in a range of sizes, forms and finishes such us: natural, plain colour, brushed effects, decorated, waxed and “ceramicata”.

Glazed lava stone can be used to cover fireplaces and swimming-pools because it is not temperature sensitive and has a good resistance to chemical agents. It is suitable for the production of table, kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, shower bases, sinks and coverings.

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