Le Nid is an artisan studio still keeping alive and reinterpreting the spirit of ancient art studios.

A laboratory deeply involved in all the ancient local traditions having a strong link with the creativity of the inhabitants that have always looked for and found their own identity in the Etnean territory. Just the spirit of ancient art workshops combined with technological innovation gives to Studio Le Nid the success factor that sets it apart in the market. An increasingly international market where experimentation and research combine together with the traditional work  process.

The Studio is situated on the slopes of Mount Etna. The Etnean territory, its generous nature and its prestigious artisan tradition became the starting point for Studio Le Nid to carry out research and experimentation.
Myth says that the legendary forge of Hephaestus, the god who forged the weapons of all the gods, was inside the Sicilian volcano.
The Etnean landscape has always provided the raw materials that have contributed to create a precious local artistic heritage: lava stone from Etna mount, and terracotta formed from the clays of the Simeto Valley.

Tradition, myth, folklore and innovation are the key elements of Studio Le Nid artistic production characterized  by typical chromatic and decorative elements showing the influence of the Arab, Greek, Roman, Norman and Byzantine traditions.
Despite the use of innovative technological devices, respecting the environment and “handmade” are always the key words of the manufacturing process.
The company has always worked with designers and architects of international fame that continuously  enrich the range of products with new creative perspectives.

Since 2001 Studio Le Nid has been directed by Vincenzo, Filippo and Rita Messina, Mr. Barbaro Messina’ sons, who carry forward the mission of the company, renewing its image and making it a real example of Made ​​in Sicily to export to the world.

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