Déjà Vu collection appears known and familiar, welcoming us without the need to make adaptations, inviting us to the magic and unstoppable exercise of the game, giving us the unique opportunity of being able to carry out our work of art.

The Déjà Vu is a transitory signal of an alteration of memories, a benefic interruption, a black out, a wonderful opportunity for a reset for our imagination that moves on the soft and uncontrollable frequencies of the discovery, of the unknown and passion.

Trajectories based on: innovation in form thanks to the recovery of physiognomy, feature inherited from history; innovation in process thanks to the ‘handmade’ and to the free creativity of the desiners to obtain the uniqueness of the product.

Dèjà Vu offers a wide range of decorations on glazed handmade terracotta tiles, size 20×20 cm.

design: Luigi Patitucci for Studio Le Nid ( www.ohomedesignpark.it )

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