Studio Le Nid was set up by Barbaro Messina, a versatile and talented master ceramist who was driven by a unique passion for art, and for his land. This, combined with his own creativity, has remarkably changed the ceramic world.

In 1966 he opened his first ceramic laboratory known as “il nido” where he produced ceramic sculptures and bonbonniere.
He was fascinated by the techniques used by ancient ceramists and in 1978 this stimulated him to look for innovative and multiple technical and stylistic solutions.

During the 70’s, early production results from experimenting with the ancient forms of the lava stone of Mount Etna, glazing the slabs of lava stone, and allowing the use of a so noble material in unexpected fields.

The creativity of Barbaro Messina and his ability to translate the images of the Etna landscape in forms have been rewarded with many prizes (Prix Coup de Coeur 1999 Expression Museum, Paris; entry in the Register REI of the Intangible Heritage of Sicily, 2005) as well as appreciation by the public.
An authentic handcraft school was set up, forge of valid operators and artists.

Since 2001 Studio Le Nid has been directed by Vincenzo, Filippo and Rita Messina, Mr. Barbaro Messina’ sons, who carry forward the mission of the company, renewing its image and making it a real example of Made ​​in Sicily to export around the world.

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