The “Le Nid” production is deeply rooted in the culture, folklore, customs, colours and images of Sicily and it is the reflection and the synthesis of several populations that marked the history of this land.
Through the use of lava stone and hand made terracotta it produces a wide variety of products ranging from tables, tiles, outdoor paving and interior laying, bath and kitchen accessories, small objects having artisan connotations till the realization of elaborate projects.
Each product becomes an unequalled item considering its peculiar properties and the small imperfections that are characteristic of the artisan workmanship.
A production always involved in trying out innovative aesthetic solutions as for the design and for the chromatic effects so to obtain a product having the best aesthetic and material characteristics.
The simple motifs, the various sizes, the glossy colours offer the opportunity to personalise the product so to satisfy the needs of peculiar furnishings or the requests of demanding customers.

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