Festive twinkle, cinnamon scent, nougat and candied fruit.
Sound of drums, bands in the queue to shining simulacra.
Blaze of gold and colors, the bang of fireworks.
Curly drawings stars, carousel of darting images,
fountains of light without ceasing.
Black lava from Etna, magmatic strength, stone that is not scratched by time.
It is full of light and color, of a changing and transparent game.
Ancient geometry, memories of time without end.
Echoes of the past, fragments of the future, stratified present.

Luminaria collection is proposed by Studio Le Nid on natural lava stone tiles, sizes 20×20, 30×30, 60×60. It is also available on terracotta tiles 20×20.

design: Gandolfo G. David per Studio Le Nid ( )

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